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Cold War

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Matches played in the “SNIPING” category must abide by sniping rules. Failure to follow the rules will result in a warning or a disqualification. A warning occurs when a player commits a minor rule violation. In the event, a player receives a warning, they cannot accrue any more warnings during the match, or they will receive a disqualification. A disqualification occurs when a player commits a grievous rule violation. If a player receives a disqualification in a match, they receive a loss, and players will move to the next match if the series is incomplete.

Players must use the correct sniper rifle, equipment, perks, and attachments. For more information on class setup, see the “Class Setup” rules section.

Each sniper shot performed in a sniping match must be a quickscope, jumpscope, or no-scope — a hardscope results in a match disqualification.

Quickscope is a shot performed by aiming-down-sights for approximately 1.00 seconds.

Jumpscope is a shot performed mid-air and is aimed-down-sights for approximately 1.00 seconds.

No-scope is a shot performed without aiming-down-sights.

Hardscope is a shot performed once the player is aimed-down-sights for more than approximately 1.00 seconds.



Begin with the default free-for-all rules and only make the following changes:

Win Conditions:
Time Limit: Unlimited
Score Limit: 20 Points

Mini-map: Constant
Killcam: Never Show

Health and Damage:
Health: 30%


Players are required to use default reticles on weapons.

Pellington (Recommended Class): 
Scope: Normal
Barrel: Tiger Team
Magazine: Fast Loader or 7 Rnd
Handle: Airborne Elastic Wrap
Stock: Marathon

Scope: Normal
Barrel: Tiger Team 
Magazine: Fast Loader or 7 Rnd
Handle: Airborne Elastic Wrap 
Stock: Marathon

Perk 1: Disabled/Engineer
Perk 2: Scavenger
Perk 3: Gungho


1. Players must use the class setup options outlined in the “Class Setup” section. If a player fails to abide by the outlined “Class Setup” options, the player receives a disqualification.

2. The player hosting the match is responsible for implementing the correct match settings found in the “Match Settings” section. 

3. If the match begins with incorrect match settings, the host must end the game immediately and adjust the match settings before any kill occurs within the match. 

4. In the event the host does not end the match before any kill occurs, the host is disqualified, and the other player receives a match victory.

5. If the host fails or is unwilling to accept the disqualified match due to incorrect match settings, then the other player must gather evidence, exit the match, and submit a dispute.

6. If both players continue a match with the incorrect match settings, then the match continues as a regular game and is ineligible for disqualification. 

7. It is the responsibility of the player to know the rules, to obtain evidence of rule-breaking, and leave the match.


1. Players using the match finder option to find matches have ten minutes to either accept their opponent's match invitation or send a match invitation. If a player fails to either send an invite or accept an invite within the allocated time, the player receives a disqualification, and the other player will receive a match victory.

2. Players using the challenge option to find matches have twenty-four hours to either accept their opponent's match invitation or send a match invitation. If a player fails to either send an invite or accept an invite within the allocated time, the player receives a disqualification, and the other player will receive a match victory.


1. Players must use the in-game usernames displayed on their VUSU profile.

2. If a player disconnects due to a poor connection to the online multiplayer, then the player has five minutes to contact the spectating referee or the other player to rejoin the game. Otherwise, the match is forfeit, and the other player will receive a match victory.

3. Once the other player receives a request for an invite from the disconnected player, the player has five minutes to send an invite to the disconnected player. If the player fails to send an invite to the disconnected player within the allocated time, the disconnected player receives match victory, and the other player receives a disqualification.

4. The disconnected player has five minutes to accept the invite from the other player to join the match. If the disconnected player fails to accept the invite in five minutes, the disconnected player receives a disqualification, and the other player receives match victory.

5. If a player disconnects and rejoins the match, the match must resume with the same score as when the player disconnected.

Objective Gametype Disconnection Rules

1. If a player disconnects during an objective gametype, then it results in a loss for that game.


1. Players are permitted one warning. A second warning results in disqualification.

2. If a player is out of gun ammunition, they are permitted to commit suicide in the game to replenish their ammunition. Players may end their character's lives by using whatever means necessary so long as it does not affect the other player. If a player ends their character's life before exhausting their ammunition, the player receives a warning.

3. Players are not permitted to use equipment such as grenades, smokes, or throwing knives on their opponent. If a player uses equipment on their opponent, the opponent receives the match victory, and the player that used equipment receives a disqualification.

4. Players are allowed to use any explosive element within the map, such as oil drums and vehicles, to kill their opponents.

5. Skunking occurs when a player kills their opponent ten times before receiving a death. If a player skunks their opponent, they receive a match loss.

6. Players are not permitted to kill the other player successively in the same spawn. If a player kills the other player more than once in the place in which they spawn, without giving the other player time to move, they will receive a warning for each illegal kill.

7. Matches are controlled by referees and staff who have complete authority to enforce orders to players.


1. Players must report the outcome of the match within twenty-four hours after the match has concluded.

2. If a player reports victory, then the other player must either dispute or confirm the outcome within six hours. Otherwise, the player that reports victory will receive the win. 

3. Reporting a win or a loss without playing a match will result in disciplinary action.


Disputes may be filed when a player finds their opponent is violating the rules. To file a report, players can; click the navigation bar, click matches, and press the dispute button.

1. When filing a dispute, players must submit evidence and details of their opponent's rule violation.

2. Players are responsible for being aware of their disputed matches, reporting scores, and obtaining evidence of rule violation.

3. In the event a player disputes the match but does not provide evidence and details, the other player receives victory. If no player submits evidence or details within five hours after the filing of the dispute, then a staff member will delete the match, and neither a win or loss is issued.

4. Evidence consists of clear pictures of the final scoreboard with players visibly present, video proof of the game, or observable evidence of an action in-game. Witnesses do not count as proof unless the witness is an official. 

5. Filing a dispute without reason or providing falsified evidence of results in a disciplinary punish by VUSU.


Rules are subject to change at any time. It is the responsibility of players to understand and familiarize themselves with the rules.

Vusu usernames, tournaments, and accounts are the property of Vusu. Vusu retains the right to issue penalties such as rank resets, eliminations from tournaments, suspensions, and the deactivation of accounts. Penalties are issued after an investigation and in accordance with the respective offense.

1. Players must comply with the rulings made by Vusu.

2. Creation of multiple accounts is strictly prohibited.

3. Distribution of sensitive information such as IP addresses, account passwords, credit and debit card numbers, and bank account numbers are strictly prohibited.

4. Interference, such as distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, hacking, and modifying, is strictly prohibited.

5. Suspicious activity or violations of rules must be reported to Vusu for investigation to preserve match integrity. Failure to report suspicious activity or rule violations constitute as aiding and abetting and is subject to punishment.

6. Cooperation with participants in violation of rules or codes of conduct is strictly prohibited.